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GODDESS ART PRINT | 50% of profits go to Planned Parenthood


Limited-edition 'Goddess of Fierce Protection' art print on heavyweight paper. 22” x 30”. Signed and numbered. Comes with a card that shares this backstory behind the artwork:

The Goddess of Fierce Protection was created by artist duo BlackPaint Studios in celebration of Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary as a symbol of courage and resilience.

She was inspired by ancient deities and modern-day history makers who represent strength in the face of negative forces, invincibility and the alleviation of suffering. She’s proud. She radiates light. She’s peaceful and fierce all at once. Hers is a defiance rooted in love.

The goddess was originally meant to be painted as a mural on Planned Parenthood’s Wisconsin headquarters building, until she was rejected by city planners. Members of the male-dominated board said the image was “too overwhelming” and suggested the artists consider making the image of the woman smaller.

But just like Planned Parenthood, just like women all over the country, the Goddess wouldn’t go away and she wouldn’t be quiet. Not long after, she was video bombed on the space where she was meant to be painted. And in the years since, she’s appeared all over the country — from the Women’s Marches to inside new clinics — becoming a symbol of the rise of divine feminine power the whole damn world is now experiencing.

50% of the profits from this art print go to Planned Parenthood.

Allow 7-10 days for shipping.